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there's nothing outside today you don't see every day
in this malfeasance season
so embrace what you have and hold it firm
in this, the malfeasance season

Malfeasance Season is a personal zine that I produce sporadically. I call it a "30-Minute Zine" because my goal is to write each issue in thirty minutes. I don't usually reach that goal, but the point of it is to make each issue the result of a single burst of activity. You can think of it as a live performance captured in words, if you like, but I'm not going to make quite that grandiose of a claim.
To date, I've completed eight issues of Malfeasance Season, all of which are available for your perusal here on the net. They aren't produced on any kind of a schedule. But, since I'm actually distributing them now (via these pages) I'll probably be motivated enough to pursue this little project with more frequency.
At present, a review of Malfeasance Season is available online at Media Central. It's pretty neat, and I'm flattered. Check it out if you get the chance.
If you'd like to be notified by email when a new issue is released, just drop me email and I'll add you to the list for notifications. You won't get any email other than Malfeasance Season notices; it's just a set of addresses I send email to whenever a new issue goes online.
Below are links to the eight issues produced to date. Just click and go!

Issue One: Rambling thoughts on consciousness and romance.

Issue Two: Stuff about love and what it does to you.

Issue Three: Abrupt change--letters!

Issue Four: Literary stuff--book reviews and more.

Issue Five: Back to the format of 1 & 2 for a look at who I used to be.

Issue Six: Memory, childhood, and color perception.

Issue Seven: Self-examination and how much it sucks.

Issue Eight: The lack of value in death.

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