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Below is a sampling of short stories I have written over the course of the last several years. All are quite short; for your reference, a word count is given next to each one so you know what you're getting into. Brief notes introduce each tale so you can see what appeals to you.
I hope you enjoy this stuff. I've enjoyed writing it, and am glad to share it with those who would care to read it.

The Man Who Didn't Screw (1991, 464 words)
The title says it all.

Pulse (1991, 564 words)
Weird bit of speculative/metaphysical fiction.

raison d'etre (1991, 1299 words)
Weird bit of espionage/metaphysical fiction.

A Finals Week Fable (1991, 1299 words)
Dishonest fact/fiction melding written during exams.

The Tale-Telling Heart (1992, 3794 words)
A story about writing, written for a fiction class.

Love (1992, 3277 words)
What I thought a relationship might be like before I ever had one.

The Inability to Correlate (1993, 1862 words)
I think of this story as the beginning of my writing style.

The Rise and Fall of Andrew Copan (1994, 1639 words)
The tale of a very deluded, very ordinary man

Hand (1994, 3470 words)
I decided to write a cyberpunk short story, making it up as I went along. This is the result.

The Second Effort (1994, 1718 words)
My first professional sale, a tale inspired by Ramsey Campbell's horror fiction.

Freedom (1995, 1518 words)
Freakish transcendence written after reading some Richard Bach book.

The Novelty of Each Other (1996, 2400 words)
A tale of coffee, omelettes, and misunderstandings.

The Course of Winter (1996, 3345 words)
The first UNKNOWN ARMIES short story.

We Aren't All Perfect Here (1996, 2044 words)
Two guys talk in a bar and one of them is nuts, probably.

Undertaker (1997, 1384 words)
The Anacortes ferry is getting horny. This is probably my favorite piece of writing, ever.

My Father's Son (1997, 5600 words)
A DELTA GREEN tale of destiny and pathos.

The Passage Through (1998, 5020 words)
A screenplay for an unproduced DELTA GREEN short film.

The Changeling (1999, 7800 words)
A private detective with brain damage and the woman he's trying to love.

Dispatches from Magonia (1999-2000, 4100 words)
Some reports from a land that does not exist; this may eventually become its own section here at Revland.

Trick or Treat (1999, 6120 words)
Mitch & Sally from "The Changeling" return in a new tale of mystery and confrontation.

Things To Do In Kingsport When You're Dreaming (1999, 4220 words)
An odd little tale of love and dreams, set in H.P. Lovecraft's fictional seaside town of Kingsport, Massachusetts.

The Temple (1999, 6316 words)
A short-film screenplay adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's short story.

Union of the State (2000, 2505 words)
Why did I write this? Some ideas you just have to get out of your damn system.

[NEW] prologue from Memphis Soul Dystopia (2000, 5628 words)
This is the prologue to a novel I haven't gotten around to writing.

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