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Roleplaying games are vehicles to explore worlds. Happily, world-building is something I enjoy. Here are the some of the worlds I've worked on over the years.

The New Inquisition
Assorted notes and ideas that went on to become UNKNOWN ARMIES, published by Atlas Games.

Power Kill
A sort of meta-game for gamers living the unexamined life.

A complete roleplaying game set in a grim world of make-believe.

The Zone
A world that I haven't gotten around to pursuing seriously, but there's still a lot here.

Stargate SG-1
West End Games hired me to create an RPG based on a television series, then they went bankrupt. Here's 30,000 words I never got paid for.

Instrument of Precision
A game scenario I wrote in 1991 for a little-known RPG named TRAUMA. It's an exercise in surreal weirdness, usable for most any modern-setting game.

Revland Essays Fiction Gaming
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