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[4/8/00] Ireland (January & February 2000, 41 images)
I spent about two and a half weeks traveling in Ireland, with a four-day digression to London that I apparently didn't bother to take pictures of. Here are a few dozen photographs, all of them annotated with comments about the trip.

[4/8/00] Spring 2000 Miscellany (February -- April 2000, 10 images)
I had a bunch of photos left on the last Ireland roll, so I filled them up with various things. No explanations on these. Good luck.

[4/8/00] Grotesquerie (April 7 2000, 1 image)
The day I was finishing off the Ireland roll, I took this series of images and spliced them together into a single gloriously grungy panorama.

[12/2/99] The Prattle in Seattle
As the world now knows, Seattle got down and funky during the World Trade Organization meetings. I spent eight hours on November 30 roaming downtown during the biggest protest day, shooting hundreds of pictures. The following sets are excerpted from six rolls shot throughout the day and night; another eight rolls are still undeveloped.

The Gas (November 30 1999, 9 images)
I reached downtown around 11am. Circa noon, the police launched a pepper-gas barrage on the crowd I was shooting in. Here's a look at ground zero.
The Police (November 30 1999, 8 images)
Throughout the day, I was impressed with the conduct of the Seattle Police Department. We had broken windows and tear gas, but we didn't have broken bones and gunshots. Here are some images of the most disliked people in downtown Seattle.
The Protestors (November 30 1999, 12 images)
Some wanted fair trade, some wanted to free Mumia, and some just wanted to break things. All were fascinating in a variety of ways.
The Sidelines (November 30 1999, 7 images)
Turning my attention away from the immediate drama, I found some interesting images that I wanted to share.
The Night (November 30 1999, 10 images)
After a dinner break at the Frontier Room, I returned to downtown after dark and somehow ended up on the inside of the police cordon. For the next hour and a half I wandered around where the protestors weren't allowed, even chatting with a couple of cops about their experiences. Here are some shots of an unsettled city at night.

[09/17/99] Summer Set One
I spent this summer in Memphis, Tennessee, and shot something like seven hundred photographs with my dandy new Pentax 35mm SLR camera. I've only gotten a handful of rolls developed so far--sigh--but I've begun selecting the most interesting photos and putting them here. I'm dividing them into vaguely topical collections, which will be expanded over time as I get more rolls processed.

Dr. Freak's Something or Other (Summer 1999, 8 images)
Talk about your altered spaces! This loony guy and his loony friends have built an amazing fantasyland out of scrap metal. I snuck onto the property after hours and returned to tell the tale. (Sorry, but I can't remember the real name of this place.)
Nature (Summer 1999, 2 images)
I've very rarely taken anything that could be considered "nature photography." But here are some flirtations with that genre.
Machinery (Summer 1999, 3 images)
I love machinery. Cogs, gears, clockwork, big machines, small machines, automatons, you name it.
Structures (Summer 1999, 4 images)
Buildings, sheds, tunnels, and other human-scale creations.
People (Summer 1999, 6 images)
Images of people in various interesting situations. Some could be called portraits, while others are just snapshots.
City Streets (Summer 1999, 3 images)
Cars, sidewalks, pavement, people, trees, power lines, weather--it all adds up to fun!
Freak Fest (Summer 1999, 8 images)
Funk-ass photographs of weird scenes that blew my mind.

[04/16/99] A Walk in the Neighborhood (April 1999, 24 images)
A sunny afternoon, a crappy disposable camera with no focus or zoom, and a couple hours of pure bliss.

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