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"Essays" is kind of a high-falutin' term. "Articles" is probably just as good, and "writin's" ain't bad, either. This section consists of a variety of odds and ends I've written on various topics, gathered here for your delight and edification. Snake oil available on request.

Altered Spaces (1995, 2445 words)
When is a room not a room? When it's an altered space.

Up Against the Wall, Motherfucker! (1995, 2031 words)
Tips on running a horror roleplaying game, originally published in Shadis magazine.

Johnny Come Lately (1996, 2800 words)
Unpublished opinion piece on the future of roleplaying games as a commercial enterprise.

Shut Up, Little Man! review (1996, 917 words)
A review of a very unusual compact disc.

Supercop review (1996, 1092 words)
A review of a Jackie Chan flick, written for the ZENtertainment newsletter.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas review (1998, 778 words)
A review of Terry Gilliam's bizarro film.

Fear and Loathing in the Wizards of the Coast Game Center (1998, 2849 words)
Doc Gonzo's younger, wussier protege files this pastiche riddled with humdrum horrors.

Why I'm In Bed With (1999, 2300 words)
Sort of. Actually, it starts to explain why I set up the Revland Store but then I start ranting about how bookstores sorta suck and how the people who say they love bookstores really suck, and it just careens out of control.

Apocalypse Survey (1999, 916 words)
A friend sent me a survey about the future of apocalyptic fiction, and I responded. Here's the gory results.

Viva Rev Vegas (1999, 1973 words)
I went to a trade show in Vegas for a week and returned, poorer and wiser, to tell the tale.

Revland's Movers & Shakers (1999, 508 words)
A short satirical piece of celebrity fluffage. Salon and McSweeney's both rejected it--I think the fault lies in our stars, not the selves.

161 in 1999: The Revland Year in Movies (2000, 7683 words)
I watched 161 movies in 1999--theaters, cable, VHS, DVD--and kept a running list of the titles. When the year was done, I wrote capsule reviews of every damn one.

34Q1/2000: The Revland Quarter in Movies (2000, 4093 words)
Why stop with 1999? Here are capsule reviews of the 34 films I watched in the first quarter of 2000.

[NEW] 44Q2/2000: The Revland Quarter in Movies (2000, 4340 words)
Three months go by in the flicker of a frame, and 44 more flicks get the Revland treatment.

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