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My name is John Tynes, but people call me Rev. I'm a full-time freelance writer, editor, graphic designer, and WWW creator, among other things. I'm using my web pages to publish material that would otherwise never see the light of day and do things I would otherwise never attempt. Check out the offerings below, and see what grabs your eye.

[10/17/00] I've added a new preface to the Puppetland page, "The Exploitation of Puppets," with news about the printed edition of Puppetland and the prospects for a Puppetland feature film.

[10/16/00] No Revland movie reviews this quarter. I saw some good movies, but not very many movies overall owing to my busy summer, and I can't muster the enthusiasm to write them up. I will tell you this, however: don't waste your money on the new Kevin Spacey/Helen Hunt/Haley Joel Osment flick Pay It Forward, which is opening soon. I caught a sneak preview, and sadly enough I suspect that this grotesque, gutless, and godawful dogfucker of a movie is heading straight to the Oscars, much as the rather similar American Beauty did last year.

[10/03/00] I started writing a novel last year but haven't gotten back to it in quite a while. In the meantime, here's the prologue to Memphis Soul Dystopia.

[10/02/00] Ah, merchandise! There's nothing like it. The store now offers Revland t-shirts, coffee mugs, and mousepads. No, really.

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